What is marriage registration and Marriage Registration Law in India

Marriage registration is the official record that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony and as proof a certificate is issued to them by some predetermined government department. So registration of marriage certificate is a legal document that attaches two people who want to live with each other, for the entire life, with the everyday changes in the society and the increasing legal difficulties. If you are confused about how to apply a marriage certificate then continue reading.

marriage registration lawyer
marriage registration lawyer

What is marriage or wedlock?

Marriage is a traditional ritual where a couple receives recognition as lifetime partners. In recent times, the government has made a certificate of marriage registration mandatory to skip unwanted disagreement between the couple and their families. To receive wedding certificates, the couple has to send notice to a marriage certificate register before the special date. No wonder, registering a marriage serves as marriage proof for lifelong.

The marriage ceremony is known as a wedding. The definition of online marriage varies around the world depending on religion, caste, culture, location, community, group or family. There are different types of rituals, customs, and usages of the marriage ceremony in different parts of the world. In some parts of the world, sexual intercourse is strictly prohibited before online marriage certificate registration whereas in someplace intercourse is mandatory before receiving a registered marriage certificate. In simple language, we can say it as an institution in which interpersonal relations supported with habitual sexual relations, are accepted or sanctioned by society. On the other hand, can say it’s a unity of two different cultures. Again spiritually it’s described as the unity of two eternal souls. However, without proof of marriage document, there is no use of the ritual as per law. You must consult an experienced register if you are confused regarding how to get the marriage certificate. 

marriage registration law india
marriage registration law india

Why register a marriage is important?

In case of after marriage, apply for a change of your maiden name or may apply for a passport, the marriage certificate is MANDATORY. A marriage certificate will also be very much beneficial for the claiming of Life Insurance, Bank deposits, to apply for a new voter card, etc. etc. Even to consider the citizenship marriage registry certificate is inevitable. Thus, to prove to be a spouse of someone, a marriage registration certificate is compulsory. So it’s easy to understand, a marriage registration certificate can easily solve many of your legal problems. To avoid Legal ambiguity, one must register a marriage in India.


How to register a marriage?

In India, there are two provisions under which people can register marriages online legally. They Are:

  1. The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955; or
  2. The Special Marriage Act, 1954.


Marriage registration online is a system through which a certificate is issued to the spouses, which is an official document, declares that two people are married with the specification of date, time, place, witness, etc. etc. There are Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and the Special Marriage Act, 1954 where the certificate of marriage is registered. A marriage registration certificate is a legal entity, for any type of marriage.

marriage registration lawyer
marriage registration lawyer

In 2006, the Supreme Court made registration of marriage online compulsory to save the rights of the married women’s and accordingly one bill was passed to amendment the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969, and then online registration for marriage becomes mandatory, in India, from 2014.


What is an illegal marriage?

To register your marriage online you must have a legal marriage. In India, there are some minimum criteria for marriage, like:

(a) Neither party has a spouse living.

(b) Neither party is incapable of giving a valid consent to the marriage.

(c) Neither party is of unsoundness of mind.

(d) Neither party is suffering from mental disorder of such a kind or to such an extent as to be unfit for marriage and the procreation of children.

(e) Neither party has been subject to recurrent attacks of insanity or epilepsy.

(f) Both the party has attained the minimum prescribed age for marriage.

(g)The parties are not within the degrees of prohibited relationship.

Without satisfying all these basic requirements of marriage, a marriage can be invalid in the eye of Law or may call as illegal marriage. Hence online registration of marriage is important.

What are the conditions of void marriage?

Sometimes, the marriage is void, i.e., not at all accepted in the eye of Law, if:

  • A marriage will be declared void if the age of the groom is under 21 or the age of the bride is under 18 years. To receive a certificate of marriage couples should have a valid marriage.
  • the respondent was at the time of the marriage pregnant by some other person other than the petitioner; or
  • The consent of either party to the marriage was obtained by coercion or fraud, as defined in the Indian Contract Act; etc. etc.
marriage registration in india
marriage registration in india

What are the documents required to register a marriage?

To complete online marriage registration in India, you need to submit the prescribed format with certain documents before the proper authority to get the process of marriage certificate registration completed and to issue a legal certificate for marriage registration. The documents which are to be attached with the form are as follows:

  1. Both the Bride and Groom need to attach their IDENTITY PROOF

(Example Aadhaar Card/ PAN card/ Ration Card with Photograph/ Voter ID Card/ Passport etc. etc.).

  1. Both the Bride and Groom need to attach their DATE OF BIRTH PROOF to register marriage license.

(Example Aadhaar card/ Passport/ Nursing home or Hospital Report/ Birth Certificate/ Certificate from School etc.etc.).


  1. Both the Bride and Groom need to attach their ADDRESS PROOF BEFORE MARRIAGE (Example Aadhaar Card/ Ration Card with Photograph/ Voter ID card/ Passport Electricity Bill/ Water Bill/Gas Bill/ Telephone Bill/ Rent Agreement/ Bank Passbook etc. etc.).


  1. passport size PHOTOGRAPHS of both bride and groom


  1. Besides these four specific documents, both the Bride and Groom need one WITNESSfrom each side. Each of the witnesses needs to carry one Identity Proof and one address proof on the date of registration of marriage certificate.


  1. In addition to the above, an AFFIDAVITin a pre-specified format is also to be executed by both the Bride and Groom.


To conclude, carry all the above mentioned documents if you want to receive a marriage registration certificate online. For further queries about how to make marriage certificate, you can go through an available marriage form.

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