How to choose your lawyer?

Before we decide who is a good lawyer or who can be a good lawyer for me, we have to understand who is a lawyer.

LAWYER meaning:

An advocate is a professional in the field of law. Advocate is a technical term and derived from Roman law. Simply to say, a lawyer is a common person part and parcel of the society like a businessman or a serviceman and just a common human being with some special knowledge or ability like a Doctor.


Who is Advocate, Attorney, Lawyer, pleader or Vakil?

After the Advocates Act 1961, in India, there is no such difference between Advocate, Attorney, Lawyer, pleader or Vakil. It does all mean the same . According to the Advocates Act 1961, “advocate” means an advocate entered in any roll under the provisions of the Advocates Act 1961”.

Who is Senior Advocate?

There shall be two classes of advocates, namely, Senior Advocates and other Advocates. An advocate may, with his consent, be designated as Senior Advocate if the Supreme Court or a High Court of any State is of opinion that by virtue of his ability and standing at the Bar or special knowledge or experience in law, he is deserving of such distinction.

All other Advocates except Senior Advocates, as specified are junior Advocates and this has nothing to do with their period of practice in this regard. Moreover, the competency of an Advocate does not depend on his period of practice. According to my experience, any Advocate, who is dedicated, truly professional, and diligent to his work of a year of experience can give tough time in Court to any giant Senior Advocate of his time. Courts are more interested to understand the actual fact of the case, the Law involved to that, and how your Advocate interprets the law in your favor rather than to the designation of the Advocates. Advocates are also known to be the officer of the Court as they are assisting the Court to render Justice.



What is Advocacy

The act of an Advocate is known as Advocacy, which is a very serious skill as it affects different people’s lives in society in the form of their client. As an example, suppose a person is accused of some criminal charges, the fact, evidence, and proofs are obviously important but more important is to represent the case in the Court of Law in proper manner and professionally. ‘Atmanirvarta’ is good for society, but not in the Court. You still need an Advocate, rather a good Advocate to defend you in the Court of Law with 100% professionalism.


Life of an Advocate

Advocate’s life or advocacy both are a tough job. An Advocate spends lots of sleepless nights to prepare a case and also consider his personal life as well. In the Indian Judicial process, so much time is consumed to reach to the conclusion, but you have to be patient and have trust on your Advocate, once you have chosen a good lawyer for your case.

Good Advocate

Advocates do not have a tag or seal on him as ‘GOOD Advocate’ or ‘BAD Advocate’ or rather ‘No.1 Advocate’ or ‘No.2 Advocate’. You only need to make a decision before you chose him for your case or need. You have to analyze his analytical skills, his interest in the matter to go into the root of the matter, analyze the hidden aspects, prosper the alternative remedy if any, etc. etc. The outcome of the case will be good if only it will be taken care of well from the very beginning and all the aspects are looked into. A good Advocate should able to locate all the unseeded aspects of law and also the outcome of the same.



Before going to consult an Advocate, you should get informed about his consultation fees. Please take note, Professional Consultation without consultation fees may be a very good strategy of marketing but a good Lawyer will never put his 100% professionalism or intellectuality (as his experience and knowledge in the form of intellectuality is his capital and may benefit you also) in your case and hence will not be able to deliver the best solution for you. You also consider the behavior, dedication, and dealing of the Advocate concern, which obviously would be understood by your personal instinct itself.

Specialization of Law

A good Advocate may not be the specialist of any particular field but he must be all-rounder (Knowledge wise) to give you the proper advice to the relief or outcome of your matter. And if required he may take the help of any Senior Advocate for his specialized knowledge (if required in your case).

There are some technical parts also in the field of Law. Which requires not only knowledge but also some physical energy to comply with and thus the energy level of your Advocate should also be a subject of consideration.

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